Brand Transparency: Why We Will No Longer Be Using Polymer Clay In Our Designs

Brand Transparency: Why We Will No Longer Be Using Polymer Clay In Our Designs

This is a decision I have sat with for some time but after much research and consideration, Siren + Stone will no longer be incorporating Polymer Clay in our designs.

Sustainability and environmental impact has always been at the forefront of this brand and are something that I am personally and professionally dedicated to.

As many of you know, my design process has been largely focused on being able to create versatile and long-lasting pieces that can be a part of your wardrobe for years to come.

Although Polymer Clay is a durable medium that allows me to achieve this goal and to create without waste, ultimately it is a Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) based product that is significantly detrimental to the environment.

Siren + Stone has always been committed to being a transparent brand and as I am on this journey, I am continuously striving to learn and grow my knowledge to ensure we are doing the best we can for you, and the planet.

There is no denying that PVC is the most environmentally damaging plastic. Unlike HDPE or PET, it is typically not recycled for consumer use due to its toxicity and is also gradually being removed from the consumer market which will make it even harder to filter through the recycling stream going forward.

Although all major clay companies are required to undergo testing to certify their clay is made from non-toxic materials that are suitable for handling, knowing this information I cannot in good conscience continue to incorporate it into our designs.

I would like to highlight that this is a personal decision I have made for the brand. There are many local artists out there creating beautiful things with Polymer Clay whose values are around the durability and low-waste qualities of this medium.

I apologise for any inconvenience caused by this decision but look forward to sharing my new collection with you soon.
Jesse x

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